Patient Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Together PT. Robert is knowledgeable, personable, and attentive. The one-on-one physical therapy model employed at Together PT allows for more personalized and focused care than other physical therapy practices that have one therapist treating multiple patients at a time.

    - Jennifer C.
  • I had surgery for a right shoulder capsular shift and was very limited
    following this. Since working with my therapist, Robert, I am now able to reach behind my back, lift things without pain, and move my shoulder in all directions comfortably.

    - Katie S.
  • After working with Robert in physical therapy for treatment of my work injury, I have no pain in my wrist and thumb, more flexibility overall, and I can lift more now than I could even prior to my injury.

    - Sandra D.
  • I highly recommend Together PT. Robert is very experienced and professional!

    - Emily S.

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