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Together Physical Therapy has a highly experienced physical therapist who offer specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. Our patients have found high levels of success in our treatment services, due to our implementation of advanced technology and methods.

We use sophisticated diagnostic methods, such as movement investigation and gait analysis, to help determine which services you will benefit from most. At Together Physical Therapy, our thorough evaluations lead to successful treatment plans for your pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs.

Conveniently located between Amherst & Northampton and just 3 minutes from UMass.

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    The primary effects of joint mobilizations include pain reduction, improved range of motion, and improved quality of joint movement itself.


    Pre-hab helps improve strength and promote pain relief before surgery, as it prepares your body for the procedure.


    At Together Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their optimum level of physical performance.

Our Patients Get Results

I highly recommend Together PT. Robert is very experienced and professional!

Emily S.

I had surgery for a right shoulder capsular shift and was very limited
following this. Since working with my therapist, Robert, I am now able to reach behind my back, lift things without pain, and move my shoulder in all directions comfortably.

Katie S.

After working with Robert in physical therapy for treatment of my work injury, I have no pain in my wrist and thumb, more flexibility overall, and I can lift more now than I could even prior to my injury.

Sandra D.

Are you suffering from pain or limited range of motion?

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